Garden Renovation

Leafscape can renovate your overgrown garden at a timescale to suit you - be that weeks, months or even, years.


All renovation work is carried out sympathically, saving as many exisiting plants required in the final garden as possible. Neglected and overgrown gardens are often a haven for wildlife and I can explain how we can limit any disturbance to hedgehogs, frogs, toads, birds etc - all of these animals are an important part of a healthy garden and we need them to make it work. Simply taking a brushcutter, chainsaw and rotovator to an overgrown garden without any forethought, is often the worst course of action - not only for the wildlife, but also in terms of budget.


If you have a garden in need of renovation, I am happy to pay a visit to discuss your needs and the best course of action to get it back to how you would like it. 

Project focus: Julia's Garden 

The Garden:


A walled garden a matter of metres from the sea which had been left for some time and become overgrown with brambles and highly invasive horsetail. In amongst it all was a pond and possibly some tiny surviving fragments of the plants Julia had once planted there years before.




Julia's Brief:


To recreate the cottage garden with an instantly full, mature look which could withstand the close proximity to the sea and prevailing wind. Eradicate the horestail and brambles, reinstate the pond, locate any surviving plants and encorporate them into the final deisgn. All work to be carried out organically.




Time from first photograph to last:



One year.


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